About us

The Centre for EU Transport Projects (CEUTP) plays a role of the implementing body in the system of EU funds use by 2015 for three priority axes of the transport under the Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment" (IaE OP) in 2007-2013. The Centre for EU Transport Projects was established pursuant to the Ordinance No 5 of Minister of Transport of 29 March 2007. The activities of CEUTP are co financed by EU funds of technical assistance under the Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment".


CEUPT provides comprehensive support to the beneficiaries in the process of investment preparation and implementation.



Our objective is to ensure that all European Union funds for cofinancing transport projects have been reasonably and efficiently used by 2015.

CEUTP tasks

Statutorily, the Centre for EU Transport Projects has been established to implement programmes and projects of the transport infrastructure development, particularly programmes and projects cofinanced by EU funds in the programming period of 2007 - 2013, also to develop and initiate organizational and systemic solutions to support their implementation. The Centre plays a role of the Implementing Authority / 2nd Degree Intermediate Authority in the system of the EU funds use under the Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment". The Centre is responsible for the implementation of transport projects with the following priorities:


VI. TEN - T road and air transport network (Trans - European Network for Transport)
VII. Environment-friendly transport
VIII. Transport safety and national transport networks


Among the transport priorities identified as CEUTP responsibilities is spending of € 27 billion for the projects to be implemented by 2015. The funds shall be used, among other, for cofinancing the construction of motorways and expressways, modernization railway track, extension of airports and infrastructure in sea and river transport. Most of the projects planned are of crucial importance to Poland's preparations for the European Football Championship in 2012.

CEUPT is responsible for implementing following kinds of investments:

  • road transport projects
  • railway transport projects
  • air transport projects
  • sea transport projects
  • inland water-ways projects
  • transport safety-related projects
  • multimodal transport

The activities of CEUTP as the authority implementing IaE OP transport projects take three directions:

  1. monitoring and supporting beneficiaries in the process of preparing key projects from the indicative list of individual key projects, which will result in filing applications for the EU cofinancing with CEUTP by beneficiaries; the allocation for key projects is to account for approx. 90% of all funds appropriated for cofinancing of the IaE OP transport projects;
  2. evaluation of applications for cofinancing key projects, also collection and evaluation of applications for cofinancing under the competition procedure organized by CEUTP; the process ends with cofinancing agreements being signed in relation to the projects that meet the criteria set by the Monitoring Committee;
  3. monitoring and settlement under the terms and conditions of cofinancing agreements, implementation of the projects by verification of the applications for payment, ex - ante control of the tender documentation, ex-post control of public tenders, control of the project in site, etc.


Relations with beneficiaries

Beneficiaries and the Centre for EU Transport Projects work towards a common goal, which is full use of the EU funds for the project implementation. It is only through a process of effective cooperation in preparing investments and their implementation that a success may be achieved. Therefore CEUTP supports beneficiaries at each stage of their work, offers counselling, assistance in training, and ensures cooperation in the region where the investment is made. The Centre's employees analyse risks and potential barriers, which might make the undertaking implementation difficult, to eliminate these at as early stage as possible. Good regular cooperation with the beneficiary allows to remove any current obstacles and to respond promptly to any possible threats.

The Centre for EU Transport Projects provides the beneficiary with comprehensive support beginning from the execution of the so called pre-agreements (key projects) providing for the support in the project preparation, to filing the application for cofinancing and next signing such an agreement, and to the project settlement finally. At the same time CEUTP ensures that all EU and national requirements are satisfied in the process of the project implementation, which is not only currently monitored but also controlled for proper accounts settlement of subsequent stages, for reporting and performance. CEUTP's principles of operation are in compliance with the laws of the European Union and Poland, with the rules provided under the Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment" and Minister of Infrastructure transport policy. In its approach to beneficiaries being regarded as equal partners in the process of meeting the obligations Poland assumed towards the European Union CEUPT is a friendly and competent as well as demanding institution.