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The Centre for EU Transport Projects (CEUTP) has been operating since 2007. It comprehensively supports Beneficiaries in the preparation and implementation of investments financed by the European Funds (Multiannual Financial Framework 2007-2013 and 2014-2020) and the "Connecting Europe Facility" (CEF) European Union Financial Instrument. The aim of the Centre is rational and effective utilization of all EU funds intended for co-financing transport projects until 2023.

The Centre's activity is based on the Ordinance No. 5 of the Minister of Transport from March 29, 2007 (consolidated text from March 24, 2015) amended by the Ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction - dated December 23, 2015 and Ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure - dated December 20, 2018. CEUTP's operations are co-financed from EU funds under the Technical Support Operational Programme (POPT).

CEUTP in the EU funds distribution system.

CEUTP in the EU funds distribution system


1. Implementing Institution for:
2. Intermediate Institution for::
In the current European Union perspective, we are responsible for the implementation of transport projects in the five priority axes:
1.The Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020 Operational Programme
  • Priority III Development of environmentally friendly transport infrastructure that is significant on a European scale
  • Priority IV Increasing the accessibility to the European transport network
  • Priority V Development of rail transport in Poland
  • Priority VI Development of low emission transport in cities
2.Eastern Poland Program (OPEP) 2014-2020
  • Priority III Supraregional Railway Infrastructure


Centre for European Union Transport Projects

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