The Operational Programme Eastern Poland 2014-2020 (OPEP) - CUPT


The Operational Programme Eastern Poland 2014-2020 (OPEP) is a support instrument that finances projects contributing to the economic and social development of 5 voivodeships: Lubelskie, Podlaskie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie.

The program aims at increasing the competitiveness of these voivodeships and therefore supports:

  • the formation and development of startups
  • international operation of small and medium enterprises
  • creating innovative products or services and skillful design management in the company
  • investments in public transport, roads and railways

The investment objectives of the OPEP are reinforced by the projects co-financed by the Infrastructure and Environment Program 2014-2020, and at the same time they are complemented by the railway infrastructure activities financed from the Eastern Poland Regional Operational Programs.

In the transport area, the OPEP's objective is to reinforce the internal and complement the external Eastern Poland's railway connections. This is due to the provisions included in the Strategy of socio-economic development of Eastern Poland until 2020.

In this Program, the Centre for European Union Transport Projects acts as an Intermediate Body and is responsible for the implementation of projects executed within the framework of:


The Beneficiary of Measure 3.1. is railway infrastructure manager: PKP PLK S.A.

The implementation of investments under this measure is intended to create accessible, modern and passenger-friendly railways through:

  • improvement of the technical parameters of railway transport
  • replacement of obsolete elements
  • introduction of modern solutions
  • electrification of selected sections

OPEP will co-finance the projects in the area of:

  • linear infrastructure
  • point infrastructure: passenger service facilities (stops, shelters, footbridges, adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility)
  • railroad crossings
  • engineering structures
  • traffic control systems
  • passenger information systems

In this measure, support is provided for the railway lines forming the Eastern Trunk Line - a communication route connecting the voivodeship cities of the macroregion, which runs through: Olsztyn-Korsze-Kętrzyn-Giżycko-Ełk-Białystok-Czeremcha-Siedlce-Łuków-Dęblin-Lublin-Kraśnik-Tarnobrzeg-Kolbuszowa-Rzeszów along with a branch running to Kielce through: Tarnobrzeg-Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski-Skarżysko (assumptions in line with the Implementation Document for the Transport Development Strategy until 2020).

More information about the program: Operational Programme Eastern Poland 2014-2020